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A universal IOCP based game server  v.1.0

To write a comprehensive client/server code is a difficult task for a programmer.Here, I provide a universal open source code server based on IOCP.Hope helpful for

DotConnect for SQL Server Standard  v.2.40.239

dotConnect for SQL Server Standard is an enhanced data provider for SQL Server that will allow you to build on the ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing SQL Server-based database applications As part of the Core Lab

Free OCR to Word  v.6.1.1

Free OCR to Word creates editable and searchable MS Word or Text files from any image or scanned document within few clicks, retaining original formatting, saving you time of retyping or re-creating information unnecessarily.

TFS Secure Messaging Server  v.5.1

Any organization with up to 250 users can immediately adopt an award-winning email security solution with 28 “must-have” features including server-based email encryption, certificate management, anti-spam filtering, and many more — all for no

Aalyreth MUD Server  v.0.1.16

An abandoned MUD server based on SocketMUD. Has custom OLC and some other features. It's rather 'barebones' at the moment. It's currently being

Java NNTP Server  v.1.0

Java realization of News Server based on Network News Transfer Protocol (via TCP/IP)It will be a bridge between data storage (some SQL DB) and News Reader (client)OS: OS independentProgramming Language:

VcXsrv Windows X Server  v.1.0

Windows X-server based on the xorg git sources (like xming or cygwin's xwin), but compiled with Visual C++ 2010. Source code can also be compiled with VS2008, VS2008 Express Edition and VS2010 Express

The ExileZ Server  v.1.0

The ExileZ Server is an OpenSource OpenTibia server based on The Forgotten Server Sources

HybridSphere (MOO++) Server  v.32

The HybridSphere team maintains an enhanced MOO server, HybridCircle, and the official distribution of CoolMUD, HybridPrism. A new generation server, based on dedicated object orientation, HybridSphere, is under development.

Ewok MUD Server  v.1.0

Ewok is a MUD server based on the CoffeeMUD game engine.

Streamnik Server  v.0.02

Streamnik Server project is an IPTV server based on the open codecs Ogg/Vorbis and Ogg/Theora.

No Spam Today! for Servers Freeware  v.

No Spam Today! is an SMTP/POP3 proxy server based spam filter that sits between the internet and your mail server. Incoming mail is accepted from the Internet and checked for spam and viruses. NoSpamToday! uses the award-winning SpamAssassin engine

LDaemon  v.2.1.0

LDaemon is an LDAPv3 server based on open source technology LDaemon is an LDAPv3 server based on open source technology. It is designed to run as a Windows 2000 system service and provide full LDAP server functionality for MDaemon customers. The

FriendsAndFlirt  v.1.08

What is FriendsAndFlirt?FriendsAndFlirt is a fully integrated server-based mobile or web data service. It enables people to connect all around the world with text, pictures, sound, photos ... on a mobile device.What is it good for?If you download our

FileWay Free  v.3

Secure Document Access from Everywhere, An Essential Business Continuity Solution Download, upload, email, edit, view and manage documents, directories from any browser. An MS server based solution provides scaleable access to your orgs file servers.

Huge Brother Local  v.2.2.4

Huge Brother Local is a server monitoring tool that sits in your system tray and gives you a simple, at-a-glance indication of how your servers are doing. Easy to configure, easy to use - it is a perfect complement to the complicated server-based

Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools  v.1.0

Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools 1.0 is a toolset intended for server capacity planning and performance/scalability analysis. In a server-based computing environment, all application execution and data processing occur on the server. Therefore it

Thinc Mail  v.3.07

Thinc Mail 3.07 is a server based email client that is an alternative to using traditional or web-based email applications.With a similar 'look and feel' to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, including shared common address books. Thinc-Mail is

GeoSniper  v.

GeoBlock filters all traffic from the client to your web-server based on locations that you select. You can even block locations all the way down to the state and city level! It is a fact that most hack attempts come from certain areas and countries.

Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime  v.11.0.7400.335

The Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime contains both a managed (.NET) and native (COM) API for developing Server based speech applications. With the help of Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime developers will be able to integrate Text-to-Speech and

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